New EPAK Evolution Series

EVOLUTION SERIES: Two gyros – better performance

A ship rolling and pitching in the sea proves to be a difficult dynamic environment. Marine satellite antennas require gyro stabilization in order to accurately receive and transmit data. These antennas can only accommodate a small amount of pointing error before being rendered unable to communicate with the satellite.

To guarantee highest network availability for broadband services in difficult conditions, EPAK has developed the Evolution Series, a satellite tracking system that combines the patented EBF (Electronic Beamforming) gyro with a 3D gyro module.


The combination of these tracking systems is a (r-)evolutionary step that significantly increases the accuracy and connection stability, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted signal – regardless of weather conditions.

EPAK Satellite Tracking AccuracyThe combination of two gyros improves EPAK's satellite tracking functionality