TVRO DS6 (60cm)


TVRO DS6 (60cm)

Satellite TV for your boat, in any weather condition.

The EPAK DS6 – Evo represents the right solution for those who require a reliable and seamless marine Satellite TV, keeping an eye on the dimensions of the antenna (only 60 cm diameter dish).
It’s automated skew range and 3-axis servo drive system guarantee you a high quality satellite TV on boat experience, in open seas and in any weather condition.

The DS6 – Evo is also part of the Evolution Series, which means it is equipped with our innovative tracking system that combines together an EBF Gyro with a 3D Gyro module, increasing considerably the tracking performance of the marine satellite system.


60 cm
Radome dimensions (D/H)
73 cm x 81 cm
35 Kg
Elevation range
-10° to +90°
Max. tracking speed
Number of receivers
any (depends on multiswitch)
Number of satellites storable
More information in this link.