VSAT DSi13 (130cm)


VSAT DSi13 (130cm)


EPAK’s latest innovation in maritime satellite communication is the VSAT DSi13, a maritime satellite antenna for Internet connection operating in Ku-band.

The 130cm diameter dish system is so far the largest antenna in EPAK’s portfolio. Its high-end technical features allow reliable functionality even in regions with fading signals or under harsh weather conditions.

The VSAT DSi13 is a 4-axis motion maritime satellite system with a 130cm diameter dish that provides first-class performances and it is reliable even under the most difficult conditions.

The 4-axis motion system make the antenna free to move and point to whichever direction the satellite is.

This hardware factor is combined with our revolutionary and patented tracking system, the Evolution Series, that through the combination of two different ways of tracking allows EPAK antennas to give you the highest tracking accuracy ever seen.

The VSAT DSi13 has been designed for addressing the communication needs of superyachts, oil and gas platforms, navy boats and frigates, cruise ships and all other vessels demanding for a strong and reliable but yet easy to installa satellite system for Internet at sea.


130 cm
Radome dimensions (D/H)
153 cm x 168 cm
120 Kg
-20° to +120°
Skew Movement
-120° to +120°
Max. tracking speed
8 W / 16 W / 25 W / 40 W
Satellite acquisition
completely automated
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