VSAT DSi9 Ka (90cm)


VSAT DSi9 Ka (90cm)


The increasing demand for a faster internet at sea on boats, yachts or whichever other marine vessel has been in the latest years translated into a larger number of requests of antenna solutions in Ka-band, a band working on higher frequencies than Ku and capable to ensure extremely fast and performing data connections between the modem and the satellite.

Inside DSi9 Ka: features of our marine Ka-Band antenna

Our marine satellite internet antenna, can reach breathtaking speeds both in upload and download, thanks to the incredible performances of our high-tech mechanics.
Finally, its solid, rugged and robust design is made to meet the hardest requirements in harsh seas. Completed with fine-tuned components and the perfect interaction between each single part of the marine satellite antenna, the DSi9 Ka guarantees excellent network availabilities even under the most challenging conditions and, because of the Ka-band, an Internet connection speed at sea never seen before.

Also our VSAT DSi9 Ka-band antenna is part of the “Evolution Series“, EPAK’s latest development which combines two Gyro techniques for a perfect orientation and stable connection with the satellite. This feature allows Evo antennas to re-acquire the signal after passing a blockage 30 times faster than conventional dish aerials, allowing a reliable and seamless internet at sea.

EPAK has as usual been mindful of the needs and requests of the customers and already in 2013 has rolled-out – first company in the world – the first available marine satellite internet antenna operating in Ka-band: a revolutionary step for EPAK, that first among its competitors has understood the benefits and the new possible applications of the Ka-band.

Nowadays EPAK can offer not only the mechanics, but also a various bespoke tariffe packages, with the aim of suiting any different need of data consumption in the best way possibile and guarantee a fast and reliable internet at sea almost everywhere.

With all its unique features specifically designed for it, the marine VSAT DSi9 Ka represents the perfect solution to your needs of a stable and top-performing internet at sea.



90 cm
Radome dimensions (D/H)
111 cm x 114 cm
58 Kg
Azimuth range
Elevation range
-10° to +90°
Max. tracking speed
Number of members
Satellite acquisition
completely automated

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