Why choose EPAK?


Why choose EPAK’s martime solutions


Important societies, institutions and research centres trust EPAK.
For several years EPAK has been collaborating with important partners such as EADS Astrium, DLR, IMST and governmental and public institutions, including the University of Applied Sciences of Leipzig and the University for Telecommunications of Leipzig. Such references do not only represent recognition and authority to EPAK but also imply commitment for continuous development and high quality standards to customers.


EPAK understands that every customer is different.
A number of criteria make the selection process for a maritime antenna unique. Personal requirements and usage, geographical area, the vessel’s features: all of these and many more must be taken into consideration. EPAK is an expert in this field and offers support in the process of finding the best fit solution.


All essential processes are under EPAK’s control.

Researching and prototyping: Hardware design and Software development are completely managed in-house by a team of engineers. This is the foundation for detailed expert knowledge and gives flexibility to realise customer-tailored solutions.

Series production: EPAK maritime satellite antennas are assembled and tested under one roof. The communication between the R&D team and the production team is direct and efficient for the benefit of continuous improvement.

Customer support: EPAK staff provides Telephone and E-mail assistance as well as on-site support. When required, EPAK technicians can be at the customer site within 36 hours in Europe and 40 to 54 hours worldwide. A network of trained distributors is also available for professional advice.

Consulting: Rely on EPAK’s expert advice during the process of finding the right product – and beyond. All customers benefit from tailored solutions and continuous support.

Airtime: A large number of maritime satellite broadband services are managed internally. Having direct influence on the satellite ground stations enables EPAK to guarantee reliable quality and to offer flexible terms and data contracts, including dedicated traffic lines.


Quality is key.
EPAK’s maritime solutions are engineered and manufactured in Germany, so they have to fulfil German industry standards, which guarantees highest quality levels. In order to keep the top-grade standards of the products, only high-quality materials are used.


EPAK is a technology leader with a very strong focus on Research and Development.
In many ways EPAK has shown to lead the way rather than follow the trend. Here are two examples: 1) The technology used for obtaining maximum satellite tracking accuracy is unique and patented. 2) The company was the first in the world to introduce a maritime VSAT antenna system operating in Ka-band. Less spectacular but equally important are the small improvements that are realised on a daily basis – in design and functionality, in materials and increasing reliability.